Friday, November 12, 2010

The Berenstein Bears and Too Much Human Interaction

So for the next three days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) I will be fasting from all media forms. This includes the following:
  • cell phone
  • internet
  • computers at all--I'm not even allowed to type anything.
  • TV
  • music (this apparently includes iPods. I am going to have to fudge this one ever-so-slightly because tomorrow I have to cart myself and yet-to-be-named ward members 1 1/2 hours to Manti, and I don't want to force them into a music-less trip, so I will allow myself to listen to church music and possibly Christmas. But not any new music, savvy?)
  • movies
I am not happy about this. If you need to contact me, call/text/whatever one of my roommates I guess.

If I were designing this ASSignment, I would have made my students give up ONE form of media for three days. Like just the internet. Or just their cell phones. I mean, we're away from home! What if my parents need to talk to me? What if my siblings need to talk to me? At least that way I'd be reachable by either email or phone. What if I break my leg when I'm alone somewhere? Who will call 911 for me?*

What a buzzkill. So yeah if you want to invite me to something fun this weekend, please send it either by the US Postal Service, by homing pigeon, or by Occlumency because otherwise I won't know about it.

*Yeah right. That situation would result in me lying in my reflection paper because let's face it: I'm not that great of a student.

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  1. i think i will go with Occlumency because i can say: "i will penetrate your mind" before i make contact with you.


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