Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am prone to run-on sentences.

And now an actual excerpt, unabridged*, from my actual journal:


"Today at the airport something truly amazing happened. So Erin and I land in Salt Lake, and we're leaving the terminal and just walking up to the baggage claim, when this dad walks past us going the other way (towards the terminals), and I'm just looking at him, thinking, "Whoa that dad is hot," when he looks me right in my eyeballs and his bright blue eyes glitter like Kate Middleton's freaking sapphire engagement ring
[supposed to be parentheses. Can you believe Paint doesn't have a Giant Parentheses button?!]

and it clicks--I know him. That hot dad is JAMES MARSDEN. [underlined twice] For real. JAMES MARSDEN!!! And while our eyes were locked not unlike Harry Potter and Voldemort's wands in the cemetary in Goblet of Fire and I was finally registering who this was I was staring at, he had this subtle, slight smirk on his face like he knew we knew who he was. It was so awesome.

"Plus he had one little boy on his shoulders and one holding his hand as they walked entourage-less toward the Southwest terminal. I mean, Southwest? We fly Southwest. We're out for bargains, not for comfort and/or class."

And then I drift off into a fatigue/titillation-induced spiral of unrelated musings--typical of my journal entries. But that actually happened!

*Can an excerpt be unabridged? By definition, isn't an excerpt an abridgement of a larger piece of work? So is saying that my excerpt is unabridged...a lie????


  1. everything about this is incredible. I wish you would have just yelled "Corny Collins!" when you saw him.

  2. Jordyn.I can't believe you saw james marsden (def goddess status). it's like the big guy upstairs decided to give you an early birthday/christmas present.for some reason I thought of "if he's here and I'm there, then that means.. Uh oh"

  3. haha...love the similes with Harry Potter and Kate Middleton's ring.


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