Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My love for flow charts = my love for Mad Libs

I wish I dressed in such a way that someday, somehow, I could grace the html of The Sartorialist. He just doesn't have room for a girl whose style is best described as young-librarian/Anthropologie-clearance-rack/pretending-it's-not-from-Forever 21/wore-this-skirt-three-days-in-a-row-to-work chic. I guess I do have a Vespa. I guess we'll have to test this flow chart out if The Sartorialist ever finds himself in Provo, the fashion capitol of the West Wasatch Front! (Click and then click to zoom in so you can read's worth it.)

Obviously I can't take credit for finding this; I saw it on someone else's blog like six months ago. It's still hilarious though--have you ever noticed that flow charts make everything just that much funnier?


  1. haha i love mad libs too. they make me laugh till i gotta pee!

  2. haha. my sister lives in new york...i will give her the link to this.

  3. I love this. Jord listen up, it's important. I had a dream last night. No- a VISION. It was about you and how you wrote an autobiographcal book about your life (obviously) and how it intertwines with pop culture. It was a sensation and it was even tunred into a movie starring Ashley Banks (I've been watching a lot of Fresh Prince in the mornings these days). Make this happen!


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