Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"The Saga Begins" changed my life, you guys

I don't regret reinstating my Twitter activity because Weird Al has a Twitter, and I've always tried to make decisions that he might deem wise; thus I don't feel at all lame for rejoining him in the everlasting (and, might I add, stressful) quest to come up with the perfect 140-character-long quip.

Here is what came up when I googled "weird al friends," back when the plan was to generic-Photoshop my face onto the body of one of his friends standing by him. This was way funnier than anything I could have created.

Anyway, my stupid twitter name is @JordynCanady, shocker. Impressiveness is not guaranteed.

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  1. I started following him yesterday! Large Marge does Weird Al! ...


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