Wednesday, December 1, 2010

52 thought pickup

This is going to be so scatter-brained. Like throwing a collection of thoughts into the air, confetti or 52-card-pickup style, and then deciding that for some reason it would be a great idea to type them out and publish them on the Internet.

[Not a finalist in the Canady Christmas Card Competition]

I had SO MUCH FUN with my family last week...all I want to do is go home for Christmas already! It's literally all I can think about.

Okay not literally because I also just made this list:

SONGS THAT HAVE CHANGED EVERYTHING* aka Songs which gave me one of those moments where you can feel your heart pounding inside your earballs and you feel like this song was chosen by God to be played right at this moment in time because if you could set your brain to music, this is what you'd hear:
  1. "Country Grammar"--Nelly. I heard this song for the first time on American Top 40 with Casey Kasem in 6th grade and just lay there in my bed on that Sunday night with my eyes and mouth open wide and my heart palpitating in time with the sick beats and rhymes. Like I said, it changed EVERYTHING
  2. "Bruised"--The Bens. I listened to this song CONSTANTLY during my junior year of high school. "Constantly" as in I would put it twice on mix CDs for my car.
  3. "Loser"--Beck.
  4. "I Can't Hold Back"--Survivor. This is what truly started my whole '70s/'80s Arena Rock phase (a phase which is not yet over, by the way).
  5. "Sincerely Me"--New Found Glory. Another song from 6th grade which was very, very important to me.
  6. "Catch My Disease"--Ben Lee. I could hardly believe that such a cheerful, cutesy, seriously good song existed. And then I heard it everywhere the year after I heard it. In other news, the intro makes an excellent ringtone.
  7. "Annie Waits"--Ben Folds. This song is what began my obsession with Ben Folds. OBSESSED WITH HIM he is definitely my most favorite musical artist of all time.
  8. "Hurricane"--Something Corporate. Junior year was an epic year for me, music-wise
  9. "Encore/Numb" mashup--Jay-Z and Linkin Park. I think this was the first mash-up I ever heard. Needless to say I almost fell over when the epic sweetness flew into my eardrums.
  10. "Are You Gonna be my Girl"--Jet. I heard this on the radio when my mom dropped me off at school in the middle of the day after a dentist appointment when I was a freshman, and I researched online to find out when the CD was coming out, and I bought it the first day it was on sale...and now this song is literally everywhere. [Secret: I'm not sick of it at all]

And here's something that is even cuter than I remember it being...Patrick Wilson is such a hottie

*and by "everything" obviously I mean "me."

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