Friday, January 14, 2011

Casual Post Friday

I was just reading the NY Times review of the new Vince Vaughn/Kevin James movie, which I am not super interested in seeing...the previews have revealed it to be the type of movie during which I will be uncomfortably nervous about how events will play out. Meet the Parents is one such movie--I feel too bad for Ben Stiller to really enjoy it. The stuff is generally not his fault! It's not FAIR!!!

Anyways. Here is a sentence from the review, by A.O. Scott:

"To ask if Mr. Vaughn and Ms. [Jennifer] Connelly have any chemistry is to invoke the wrong science; extreme disparities of size and shape suggest, instead, a fascinating problem of zoology, as if a whippet had decided to cohabit with a yak."

HAHAHAHAHA! Brilliant!!

In other news, today I saw a girl on campus dressed exactly like this (and it wasn't in a sweet, she-doesn't-care-about-fashion kind of way--this girl CARED):

This whole hipster thing is officially out of control.


  1. Bahaha! I loved this. So true, the hipsters are totally out of control.

  2. agreed. hipsters need to stand in front of a mirror and reevaluate.


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