Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I chose looks, you chose books*

Last year...or maybe two years ago?...I blogged a list of all the notes I wrote to myself in the margins of my Mead Five Star 5 subject notebook. Wanna know what I was thinking about last semester?


"ah mah gahsh" (this was written the day Erin and I saw James Marsden)

"Things I Hate, updated: puzzles, Home Depot, fundraising, voicemails"

"I'm totally crushing"

"Sometimes [name withheld...know that it is a female] is a buttwipe not all the time, but sometimes"

"Isn't it strange that one day my nose can hold in all its fluids, and today they're all dripping out? This is disgusting Seriously I am gross"

"the girl in front of me just moved her desk RIGHT ON TOP OF MY FOOT AAAHHH"

"I don't love the word 'spouse'"

"Words I do not like: lovemaking"

"All of our time's spent in flashes of light"

"I think English majors secretly hate each other"


"OK Waiting for Godot? WAITING FOR GUFFMAN ahhhh"

"I think I'm going to have the Cranberries song 'Dreams' stuck in my head for this whole semester"

"I hate those blue pens. Never try anything new ever again"

"Okay I'm sorry but tattoos are cool"

"I can't stop staring at my beautiful fingernails"

"How am I so hard on all my shoes? They always look like crap too early in life. They're like Chelsea Handler"

"OMG Mandy Patinkin!"

"Ben Franklin is so creepy"

"Jung says...he's done with Sergio"

"I just drooled all over my desk NOT A JOKE it REALLY happened"

"Things I Dislike: old cartoons like those Steamboat Willie things, this presentation, Bs that think they're above accepting treats"

I think I already threw away my Comms 101 class notes, which was mostly full of cute little messages like "NO ONE IN THIS CLASS HAS BRAINS" and "HUNGRY."

*Obviously this is from Matilda.

In other news:


  1. dude, jordyn and jessie, i was freaking out because it's josh bryant, too. also, jordyn, i agree with you on the all english major hate each other because in class, i'm pretty sure it's true.


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