Monday, January 31, 2011

Loyal to Timberlake Since 1998

Happy birthday to Justin Timberlake! He's 30 years old today, if you can believe that. Here's a song I did not appreciate when it originally came out--I thought it was boring and lame, but it's actually kind of beautiful...the music video is hard to watch though. They look completely crazy. And who told JC to wear a turtleneck made of pantyhose?!

Please do me a solid and check out the birthday boy's face at 1:10...I know he's got a gift for comedy and all, but I have a feeling he wasn't angling for laughs.


  1. I realize I missed the opportunity of a lifetime yesterday by not throwing him a proper birthday celebration. This might be one of my biggest life regrets.

    On the other hand, I guess that should make me feel pretty successful about my life and the level of my regrets...hahahha....

    JT. I love him.

  2. Thank you. Just...Thank you.

    I should probably take this opportunity to tell you that your blog is on my google reader so I read it...all the time.

    Remember when we were friends?


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