Monday, January 24, 2011

Nobbin with all the muckety-mucks

I always try to deny how much I love famous people. Yes, I know they are humans just like you and me, but they are humans that we recognize without having ever actually seen them in real life.

So anyways, my best girls and I moseyed on up to Park City this weekend for the Sundance Film Festival! We couldn't get tickets to any of the movies, but I hadn't actually done any research on this year's batch anyways so honestly I have no idea what we were missing. As usual, ignorance was bliss.

The bad news:
  1. I had heard a sick rumor that Robert Downey Jr. had been spotted strolling the streets of Park City, and I had a near heart attack. Were my dreams about to come true?? Was I finally going to meet RDJ and rub it in the face of every single person who had ever laughed at me in London (ahem, Becky Hayes) when I finally took a picture with him and made it my facebook profile picture? (Yes I know; when I dream I really shoot for the moon) But no. We didn't see him anywhere.
  2. It was FREEZING.
  3. Lunch cost $16.
  4. The shuttle back to the parking lot was like an hour late.

The good news:

  1. Lunch was reeeeeally good
  2. We met a lot of famous people! And not just like "Oh look it's the guy from the Free Credit commercials" but people I actually really like!

Carly and I falling in love with Hugh Dancy. Large Marge woos a sexy Burberry model!

Ah mah gahsh it's James Franco! This was insane in the membrane. He was being mobbed with people and it was actually kind of embarrassing for all of us commoners. I wish I could've shared a sympathetic eye roll with him. (Even though it's not like I was above taking a picture of him myself.)

Once upon a time (last winter), Amy and I were sucked into the emotional whirlpool that is "The Bachelor." Flash forward one year later: whaddya know we're best friends with Tenley. She dodged a bullet anyways because her new man Kiptyn is way cuter than that idiot Pavelka.

I mean haha I was kidding I don't love "The Bachelor"...remember, I'm an English major and have far too much taste for that mindless, juvenile garbage!

We also met Jenny Slate who was on "SNL" last season! Seriously love her--last year our apartment was obsessed with the "SNL" sketch about the car horns, and no I don't just think it was because we watched it over and over in the middle of the night. And who doesn't love Marcel the Shell, which she wrote and voiced?

Plus she was super nice and kept telling us how flattered she was that we wanted to take pictures with her and talk to her and stuff. I'm proud to say I didn't say anything stupid to her, like that I follow her Twitter and would happily dog-sit for her or something like that. (Doesn't make those things untrue.)

J.Lo is truly painful to watch. Doesn't make it not funny! "Private Benjamin, right?"

We also met Patrick Wilson really quickly...he's just as hot in real life. Unfortunately he didn't sing for us. Maybe because we didn't ask.

Some may call me shameless, some may plan to do so behind my back...but to them I say...

Well, nothing actually, since I have a paralyzing fear of confrontation. But I have no regrets! This was an awesome day! And I LOVE FAMOUS PEOPLE!


  1. holy crap i love famous people and i am super jealous and really in awe of your awesome job in park city i wish i could be like you.

  2. HUGH DANCY?? JAMES FRANCO!??! * can't even contain myself right now * I have to go practice breathing right now. Blast my weekend addiction to snowboarding! Angry DeeAura.

  3. hhh i've been wanting to go up there so badly. i love famous people too.

  4. I am so obscenely jealous of you. I mean.. Patrick Wilson? Damn fine.


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