Friday, February 25, 2011

My Official Oscar 2011 Predictions

BEST PICTURE: King's Speech
BEST ACTOR: Colin Firth (King's Speech)
BEST ACTRESS: Annette Bening (The Kids are Alright)
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christian Bale (The Fighter)
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit)
BEST DIRECTOR: David Fincher (Social Network)

Yes, these are my predictions. I am such a sell out because I'm not even voting for who I want to win because that always ends in me looking misinformed and stupid, so I am just guessing who Entertainment Weekly tells me to guess. (Or at least who I think I remember they told me to guess...I'm too lazy to get off of my bed and get the magazine off of my desk. I am suffering from post-midterm soul-suckage, okay?)

Except for Hailee Steinfeld. I just don't have strong feelings about any other Supporting Actress nominees, and she is just so darn precious. (And by "precious," I mean "bad-A." Plus isn't it awesome how she's really cute in real life and very...regular-looking in True Grit?)

Oh, and except for King's Speech, which I would be happy to see clean up on Sunday. Really all I don't want is for Social Network to sweep the Awards.

Oh yeah, I forgot to predict how the hosts will do on Sunday...I predict that James Franco will look great in a tux and that Anne Hathaway will have like one funny joke.

And I predict that Robert Downey Jr. will look hot.


  1. I'm surprised you have Annette Bening winning over Natalie Portman. I'm going to watch The Kids Are Right tonight so I can figure out how I feel about this prediction.

  2. I'm really just sick of the Black Swan hype. And I think that in general, Bening's acting > Natalie Portman's.

  3. i feel really good about your predictions. and i am also sick of black swan stuff, but i feel that the director of that might take it. in any case, rdj will be looking smoking hot, obviously.

  4. well. i was just about to write what kylie wrote.
    so read her comment again.


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