Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh Tyra

All I keep hearing about is Anthropologie's new bridal line, BHLDN or whatever...and yep those dresses are BEAUTIFUL.

Most of the models are beautiful, too. This picture, for example, is really pretty.

This poor girl, however, obviously went to the Urban Outfitters modeling school. I mean, seriously?
And the dress is really pretty, but I hardly notice because the model is too busy breathing through her mouth and doing the Safety Dance. What would Tyra say?! Hopefully not something like this:

Anyways, LOOK AT THESE I NEED THEM...but I unfortunately don't have the kind of Simoleons one needs to afford such beauties:


  1. I SERIOUSLY just emailed the link to these shoes to my mom TODAY. They are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. haha, that girl does look crazy. also, those shoes are beautiful. also, thanks to amy, your blog is in my reader and i love it. :)

  3. HAHAHHA...that first dress is to DIE for, and I would consider...well, I love those shoes. I won't disclose what I would do for them. :) Also, Tyra kills me. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE YELLED AT A GIRL LIKE THIS! HOW DARE YOU!

    ...bahhahahahah...whew. I had no idea modeling was worth all of that. Though, really, if we consider how turned off I am to that second dress, I suppose we really could blame her horrible stance.


  4. you have good style. i want the second dress on awkward model for my wedding and those shoes.

  5. Those shoes...are stunning.


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