Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sometimes I wonder why people read this blog.

Grumpy mood tonight
Might go to bed now--it's 9
Not sure why I'm ticked.

Possible reasons
Cold toes, stupid internet,
Weird-feeling stomach.

Inadequate, yes?
I meant that my excuses
are inadequate,

but the guidelines of
Haiku(s) are unflinchingly
Strict--5 syllables.

Thus coherency
Generally gets lost when
My thoughts get cut short.

Anyways, I watched
"Glee," and for the first time I
Liked Santana some.

Oh, that I could have
The type of life in which lots
Of cool things happen.

Instead, here I sit
Writing haiku(s) for Hulu
This is the last one.

(for today)


  1. Hey it's Carly Marinos (Richardson). So by some freak chance I happened upon your blog. We share some mutual friends of mutual friends I guess. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your funny thoughts. Thanks for the pick me up. =)

  2. I read your blog because I love your bare honesty. Keep it up!


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