Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad medicine is what I need

This Tuesday Tabby and I had the great honor of being under the same roof as Bon Jovi during their concert in Salt was AMAZING. Jon looked and sounded grrrreat--like as if he were 15 years younger. He was jumping around and dancing all crazy, going non-stop for the entire 2 1/2 hours that they was quite titillating professional. Richie Sambora was the bomb on all of his was just a great concert all around.

Tabby and me, just WAITING

Seriously. Is that the face of a 49-year-old? Apparently.

Is that the chestal region of a 49-year-old? APPARENTLY.

Seriously this concert was so great. They played all the hits--ALL of them! Plus their newer ones, which, while I don't know all of the words, still sounded SWEET.

In other news, I am 100% crushing on Scott Foley, thanks to Carly introducing me to her "Felicity" DVDs.

I mean, come ON.

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  1. livin on a prayer: one of my favorite songs. sometimes i listen to it when i'm halfway through my run for inspiration. thank you, bon jovi.


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