Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The battle continues

  1. People around me are talking about grown-up things, like wedding rings and job interviews. I feel like this makes me an adult by association
  2. Am drinking tons of water due to being sick
  3. Have been thinking about work a lot
  4. My car radio pre-sets only include one pop station
  5. And one of those pre-sets is KOSI
  6. Last week I had one of those dreams where you dream that you've gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom and wake up while dream-you is sitting on the toilet...and I DIDN'T wet the bed! I woke up in time.

  1. Loving Bieber on Pandora, as usual
  2. Ate a crapload of pie for Pi Day yesterday
  3. Am doing internet instead of writing my paper due tomorrow
  4. Ate Reese's Pieces for breakfast

VERDICT: I am an adult today!

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