Saturday, March 26, 2011

At least there's a method to my madness

Eventually I always always ALWAYS jump on the bandwagon--and it doesn't matter what's being featured on the bandwagon. I have a process.
  1. I hear of the thing gaining popularity.
  2. I see an explosion of love declarations to the thing on the internet.
  3. I refuse to let the thing into my life. I also (discreetly) roll my eyes when I hear about the thing.
  4. I inadvertently hear/see/read the thing.
  5. I become OBSESSED with the thing but am too embarrassed to back down from my original position of Hater.
  6. I secretly listen/watch/read the thing all day long and can never talk to anyone about how much I love it until at least a year has passed, and everyone will have forgotten that I had been a Hater.
Why do I do this to myself?! From now on, I am just going to FESS UP. For example, I love Mumford & Sons. Their Pandora station is basically the perfect homework soundtrack. They are awesome, and it took me forever to even try them out because I saw that everyone was liking them and scoffed because I have some extremely pretentious tendencies.

Other things I now love after avoiding them for too long because I was trying to "prove a point":
  • "Modern Family"
  • "Grey's Anatomy"
  • Justin Bieber
  • "The Bachelor"
And I still haven't seen The Blindside. Maybe it's about time for step #6.


  1. I'll watch it with you if you want, we won't have to tell anyone!

  2. Secret: previous boyfriend loved Mumford and Sons. I avoided them at all costs until a few weeks ago when I concluded the lyrics to "The Cave" were decidedly perfect for my feelings. Dang. it. Also, I tend to do exactly what you described in this post, but with guys. Generally speaking. If every girl loves him, I can't stand him.

    Until I figure out if he's really a human and has redeeming qualities, and then I have to open mouth, insert foot.

    Oops. :)


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