Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Official Oscar 2011 Recap (and a semi-formal apology to Charlotte Brontë)

Okay, so I batted a .700 with my Oscars predictions (when I include my category-less guesses about hotness and Anne Hathaway's horrible hosting abilities)! Not too shabby.

In general, I really enjoyed this year's Oscars! They were paced really well, I was pleased with most of the winners, and almost all of the winners' acceptance speeches were extremely classy and touching.

...with one exception, and whatever--at least it was kind of entertaining.

Fashion-wise, I was underwhelmed...nothing mind-blowingly beautiful, nothing face-meltingly ugly. I'm not embarrassed to admit that my favorite look of the evening belonged to none other than Celine Dion:

I thought her dress during her In Memoriam performance was really pretty! And her hair looked perfect! Chapeau, Celine.

Obviously the highlight of the show was the dream team:

OBVIOUSLY. They were h-o-t HOT and hilarious...which is why they should host the 2012 Oscars. Mia Thermopolis Anne Hathaway need not reapply for the job.

In other news, I have had a change of heart regarding Jane Eyre. It turns out that Jane Eyre is actually a pretty cool chick...I mean, she could easily get sucked into Rochester's crazy crap life and thus give in to her lusty impulses, but she sticks to her guns! She knows that he's the first person to show her any respect or love, but she has too much respect for herself to descend to his current level. Jane Eyre is kind of a bad-A!

Plus Rochester is admittedly hotter than I had initially thought. He's all sarcastic but actually nice...love it. I've also started imagining Michael Fassbender saying all of his lines, and that is making the book extremely enjoyable:



  1. yes. OBVIOUSLY they were the best.

  2. i'm really glad to hear about your change of heart regarding jane eyre.

  3. I dunno. I had mixed feelings on the novel. I mean I loved it when she told off Mrs. Reed "YOU are deceitful!" But then I just thought the plot got all wacky. Crazy woman in the attic? Seriously? Pretty shifty.


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