Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sick Haiku

Hiding in my room
Only capable of this:
Breathing through my mouth.

Living off of soup
Brought by friends who always can
Tell just what I need!

DayQuil does the trick
Should've bought more than I did
But I will survive.

Watched the movie The
Jane Austen Book Club on You-
tube--it wasn't bad

Especially when
I recall the warm, tender
Touch of Hugh Dancy.

I miss my old phone
Why did you have to leave me?
Why'd you rip in half?

Well, I must end here
Hopefully my cold will not
Linger much longer.

Seriously--look at my poor phone:

These pictures were taken with the camera on my NEW phone. I do not know why it split the second picture into two weird parts, and I do not know why the only ringtones it has are called things like "Funky Marionettes," "Garden Clock," and "Shadow of Your Smile."

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  1. I too am a haiku expert however I am not as expert as you. I was featured on a blog. Don't believe me?

    what what!


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