Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last one, I swear

This scene was my favorite of the whole series. Honestly, I never really liked Claire Danes that much before I started watching "MSCL"...and now I love her.

What it all boils down to is that Angela Chase > Beth March. 

You go, Glen Coco

Kevin James' wife is a total hottie! Aren't you so proud of him?

And don't you think he totally looks like a Glen Coco?

Friday, April 29, 2011

"You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you"

I know, I know, all I can think and/or talk about these days is "My So-Called Life"...but this picture just kills me. KILLS ME!

Jared Leto must feel like such a loser. Look at that hair. How old are they now, 35? 40?

Regardless of his real-life insanity or even of Jordan Catalano's stupidity, this scene was WONDERFUL:

I'll be done with the first and only season soon, so soon I'll also be done with my harping and obsessing...probably.

Anyways, do you think Claire Danes knew deep down that someday she would be married to my close personal friend Hugh Dancy?

Monday, April 25, 2011

"I just like how he's always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great."

Oh my gosh the past four days were so fun. I went home to Colorado for Easter and played with my family the entire time, and it was seriously a blast!

Also, we started watching "My So-Called Life" on Netflix, and I can safely say that I am officially addicted. This show was L E G I T--it somehow gives credit to both the kids and to the adults. You can totally see where both are coming from, rather than most shows which make the teenagers look like selfish idiots or the parents seem completely out of touch and emotionless.

One of the best parts of the show is RAYANNE. She is completely insane and is secretly the prettiest girl on the whole show.
This picture doesn't really do her justice.
 At first I was like, "Yuck this girl is so annoying why is she always saying crazy things," but Rayanne is amazing because you know when you have a friend out of context with your other friends, and you really like her but you're nervous to combine your friend groups because there's a good chance she'll say something nuts? That is seriously how I felt while watching Rayanne interact with other characters--I was actually nervous about what she was going to say. Because I am a FREAK who cares too much about TV.

And then there's Jordan Catalano...

Hubba hubba
He's not you Jared Leto is a '90s dreamboat. DREAMBOAT

Here's a scene where he and Angela kiss after they discuss the fact that he doesn't really know how to read. And how his dream job is to be one of those guys who makes fake snow at ski resorts.

It's still a Great kiss though

So yep, welcome to my new obsession...'90s-era ANGST!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Darjeeling Limited

"Alright, let's make an agreement. A. we'll make an early start tomorrow morning and try to enjoy each other's company in this beautiful place; B. we'll stop feeling sorry for ourselves, it's not very attractive; C. we'll make our plans for the future."

Pretty good movie--and this little quote sums up everything I need to start implementing en mi vida...and I was, as usual, oddly attracted to Jason Schwartzman. (Why shouldn't I be? He's got Moscovitz blood, after all)

I swear I had this idea like 3 months ago

I don't know how to even begin to say how much I want this. And the fact that Chocolate Bear is the spokesman...I can't even talk

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I could be done with this paper by now if it weren't for hilarious things

I hate finals so much. But I really, really like this family portrait I just found on the internetz:

It's just like a regular old, smirky engagement picture I might have on my fridge, except oh yeah, she's wearing a white, oddly sexy warrior onesie, and he's a Padawan.

Friday, April 15, 2011

(Not quite) dunzo


I made this huge checklist using the very adult One Note--I broke my entire finals schedule into days and what exact things I need to be doing each day. Pretty mature.

I need to learn my hand's angles...lookin a little jowly
These are my notes from today's Physical Science review:
Subtitles: "I'm crampy & sleepy & cranky & BORED"...and guess what I was totally telling the truth. PS how bada*s are those ampersands?
Anyways, I have some sweet pictures that are way overdue from the concert I attended with Sandwich last Friday, and I will post them as soon as I can justify taking the time to upload them. So probably next Tuesday after I take my last test.

We saw Greg Laswell
He dated Mandy Moore once upon a time! Lucky ducks--they're both GR8
and Lenka!
I want to be her like so adorable, and she's Australian, which is American for freaking irresistable
In other news, I'm beginning to feel like my hair looks like this (particularly on all the greasy* days I've had during this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE week during which I have stayed in the library till 2 A.M. twice and stayed up till 5 A.M. at home thrice):
My roots are DUNZO!!!
*Pretty cool of me to reveal that I am not only crampy but also greasy all in one post

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This Spongebob episode is an near-exact dramatization of every one of my academic experiences over the last eleven years. Plus it's hilarious. "A visitor? For me???" Enjoy!

Lies lies lies ye-ah

Every semester I tell myself that finals week is going to be different...just one more thing I can add to my list of lies I tell myself.

  1. "This semester, finals will be different and entirely pleasant!"
  2. "Something changed on Twitter in the last five minutes--better check it again!"
  3. "Yep, you totally remembered to put a tamp in your backpack!"
  4. "You need to spend $40 on a Bon Jovi concert t shirt!"
  5. "It's cool and ironic to listen to songs from 'Glee'!"
  6. "Going to the library will result in you finishing your paper!"
  7. "...or starting your paper!"
  8. "Your natural hair color is actually quite blonde!"
  9. "Your clothes will put themselves away!"
  10. "Going to work less will result in a bigger paycheck!"
  11. "This nail polish will look great with your dry, white hands!"
  12. "Cheez-Its won't be on sale at Smith's ever again--you need to buy them!"
  13. "You are getting so much exercise by walking to class--why don't you buy yourself some peanut butter M&Ms?"
Yikes! This is getting depressing. Back to work

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

La soltera tonta

Just between you and me, I have officially chosen my wedding ring, so that's one more thing I can scratch off of my To Do list.


  1. Select wedding ring
  2. School things
  3. Wait patiently for Pay Day to arrive--DO NOT LEAVE HOUSE
  4. Google stuff
  5. Read twitters
  6. Read entire archive of this blog
  7. Make pre-summer playlist including "Incomplete" (BSB) and "Love Shack" and "You Give Love a Bad Name"

...just another night awake for no apparent reason

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

School's over soon, right?

Today I learned that the words to this song are not "I am the sun and the air" but rather "I am the son and the heir." Despite this slight misunderstanding, I totally get Morrissey, even though he's such a drama queen. Don't you just want to stand on the roof of [relatively tall building] and yell, "I am human and I need to be loved!!!"

But I'll settle for yelling it in my car because have this thing where I want to fool people into thinking I'm normal.

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's that time of year again

I had a very epic post planned, full of the exact Tropic Thunder and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang clips that I wanted...but I couldn't find good enough ones. I settled for this little gem:

Happy birthday RDJ! The obsession's still going--three years strong! I'll go ahead and dedicate this next song to him too:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

$he might be a human after all

Nothing, just this photo of Ke$ha on the beach: