Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lies lies lies ye-ah

Every semester I tell myself that finals week is going to be different...just one more thing I can add to my list of lies I tell myself.

  1. "This semester, finals will be different and entirely pleasant!"
  2. "Something changed on Twitter in the last five minutes--better check it again!"
  3. "Yep, you totally remembered to put a tamp in your backpack!"
  4. "You need to spend $40 on a Bon Jovi concert t shirt!"
  5. "It's cool and ironic to listen to songs from 'Glee'!"
  6. "Going to the library will result in you finishing your paper!"
  7. "...or starting your paper!"
  8. "Your natural hair color is actually quite blonde!"
  9. "Your clothes will put themselves away!"
  10. "Going to work less will result in a bigger paycheck!"
  11. "This nail polish will look great with your dry, white hands!"
  12. "Cheez-Its won't be on sale at Smith's ever again--you need to buy them!"
  13. "You are getting so much exercise by walking to class--why don't you buy yourself some peanut butter M&Ms?"
Yikes! This is getting depressing. Back to work

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  1. hahaha. this has become my new favorite post. sounds very similar to things i tell myself.


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