Friday, April 29, 2011

"You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you"

I know, I know, all I can think and/or talk about these days is "My So-Called Life"...but this picture just kills me. KILLS ME!

Jared Leto must feel like such a loser. Look at that hair. How old are they now, 35? 40?

Regardless of his real-life insanity or even of Jordan Catalano's stupidity, this scene was WONDERFUL:

I'll be done with the first and only season soon, so soon I'll also be done with my harping and obsessing...probably.

Anyways, do you think Claire Danes knew deep down that someday she would be married to my close personal friend Hugh Dancy?


  1. Jordyn I am loving this! I watched 2 more episodes after you left and I can't wait to watch more!

  2. these posts make me want to watch this show. so i probably will.


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