Monday, May 30, 2011

This is actually a decent summary of my summer vacation thus far

  1. Even though I bought two Jane Austen books last week, I started with The Hunger Games.
  2. While watching "The Bachelorette" tonight, I laughed insensitively through the previews of Ashley's inevitable heartbreak at Bentley's hands
  3. Glitter polish on fingers and toes
  4. I've listened to "Party in the USA" like a million times already this week
  5. And it's Monday
  6. Last week my co-workers and I watched video footage of the now-defunct Alien Encounter ride at Disneyworld to see if it was actually scary (obviously it was)
  1. Today while working at EFY check-in, for the first time, no one asked me if I needed help getting my wristband/lanyard/t-shirt or finding my mom or dad. I think it's just because I was wearing my official name tag, but still
  2. I haven't played The Sims for like two weeks
  3. I bought Fletch for $5 at Wal-Mart (adults like this movie)
  4. Left my apartment for work at 8:20 this morning!!!!
And here is a picture I found of little me singing in an inflatable pool

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  1. love the pic. also, I HAVE BEEN ON THAT ALIEN ENCOUNTER RIDE!!!! it was super scary. good thing they shut it down.


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