Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wanna be a victim, ready for abduction

I was a little worried about this coming summer. Three of my best friends are no longer in my immediate vicinity, everyone I know is doing awesome things that have the potential to be life-changers while I am changing nothing (same job, same apartment, same stupid roots growing out in my hair) yes, I was initially prepared to wallow in self pity for at least a month.


This is actually shaping up to be one hella awesome summer.

Just off the top of my head:
  • Oh, not much, just a JOURNEY and FOREIGNER and NIGHT RANGER CONCERT!!!! 

  • The Seven Peaks/Trafalga Pass of All Passes and the fact that like a million of my favorite people have them! This thing has already paid for itself* with two games of mini golf and laser tag. Plus it's perfect to use right now because of all this stupid rain, since Trafalga offers many indoor activities. Like a bad-a laser tag.

  • The song "E.T." by Katy Perry...I can't help it, I love it. Hear that, Jessica Bodily? I LOVE IT.
  • We've also managed to find a way onto the roof of our building, which will be a prime tanning location until Seven Peaks opens. I may or may not have sliced my hand last week while climbing down through the escape hatch, but I needed to learn a lesson in finesse anyway. Now I know: I don't have any.

Verdict: Provo summers are the bomb, and I was crazy to forget that.

*I haven't done the math or anything...I mean that it would have already paid for itself if Fun could convert into dollars because I have definitely already had forty dollars' worth of fun.


  1. JC! Your summer sounds so fun! Journey! OK awesome! I love reading your blog everyday lol.I think I am coming to Utah this weekend and would LOVE to see you! Holla at cho gurl!

  2. I will be here, so we can wallow in self pity together. haha, you went mini golfing again? How did that happen?

  3. Oh yeah? So then what was your score in bad-a laser tag last night, huh?


  4. I believe that the first two tags of "badassery" and "bitchin" appy directly to us. Especially when we walked around and scared each other for 15 minutes.

    here's to the BEST summer ever.

    Also...that song is NOT good. you're welcome for shedding some light for you.

  5. I like J-Bod hate that ET song, but my love plus your love for Journey/Foreigner/Night Ranger cancels it out so it's all good. You forgot to mention your bitchin trip to LA this summer too. Large Marge does LA!

  6. provo does have rockin summers and the roof is possibly the greatest thing about the dev. no big deal.


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