Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Official June 2011 Playlist

It might be a little early to declare a summer playlist, but I've already gotten a Seven Peaks sunburn, so I've decided that the time has come.
  1. "Eternal Flame"--The Bangles
  2. "My Sharona"--The Knack (used to perfection in Super 8)
  3. "Private Idaho"--The B-52s
  4. "Love Shack"--The B-52s (two B-52s songs, you ask? YES. Because "B-52s" is Canady for summertime)
  5. "All I Wanted was a Car"--Brad Paisley (because summer is when country music is highly appropriate)
  6. "The Rock Show"--Blink 182
  7. "Africa"--Toto (this belongs on every playlist ever)
  8. "It Makes Me Ill"--NSYNC
  9. "Bad Medicine"--Bon Jovi
  10. "Hot in Herre"--Nelly
  11. "Heat of the Moment"--Asia
  12. "Separate Ways"--Journey
  13. "Let's Go"--The Cars
  14. "Tubthumping"--Chumbawamba
  15. "E.T."--Katy Perry (still love it, sans Kanye)
  16. "It Takes Two"--Rob Base
  17. "To Be With You"--Mr. Big
I bask in these sounds every morning now, and every morning I know that the construction workers fixing the roof next door must be so grateful that I have such amazing taste in music and that I am kind enough to keep my window open so they can hear.

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  1. africa by toto. that song never ever gets old.
    i like your playlist.


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