Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome to the land of fame excess

This weekend I visited Carly in L.A.! It was a tiny vacation, but we packed the three days I was there with a serious crapload of fun. Watch out; here come a gazillion pictures:

On Friday, we explored Grauman's Chinese Theater, and it was extremely cool to see the hand- and footprints of actual legends like Cary Grant and Gene Kelly.

Even Paul Newman's handprints are hot

RDJ and I have basically held hands now...or at least touched palms

(not unlike this)

And then there was this thing that happened...I guess it's a funny picture, but the look of what appears to be true love on my face is mortifying. 

We also met up with our awesome friend Alarie, who's now living in L.A. with her husband--it had been way too long and was so fun to see her!

And then...DISNEYLAND. We got there at nine AM and stayed until midnight and made every second count!

The new Star Tours was ROCKIN, and we looked awesome in the 3D glasses duh

The happiest girl on earth

And now for some ride documentation:

Splash Mountain

Space Mountain--pure glee

Tower of Terror

California Screamin

Main Street, USA: the world's best street. And home of the world's best pickles.

Alarie and Ryan met up with us to watch the fireworks and Fantasmic! Perfect end to a seriously perfect day

Large Marge has finally done Disneyland!

Until next time, Walt.

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