Sunday, July 10, 2011

My newest hobby

Were you aware that celebrities' old yearbook pictures are just sitting there on the internet, waiting for you to Google them? It's the perfect activity for those times when you know you should be asleep. Here were some of my favorites (and they are ALL REAL, even Seacrest):

 Avril Lavigne

 Jake Gyllenhaal

 Ryan Seacrest

Vince Vaughn
(and I don't even need to point out that he is HOT. Why on earth have his agents or whoever let him get so fat?!)

Winona Ryder 

Zac Efron
And last but not least:
Robert Downey Jr.
He looks so so so so so so so so good.


  1. favorite: Zac Efron. Hands down.

  2. you should google paul rudd's yearbook photo. he was a babe.
    and i think we share an intense love for rdj. he was/is/ever will be so hot.

  3. google adrien grenier's immediately!

  4. Shut! Up! That one of Zac Effron is so great!

  5. so remember when winona was a boy?

  6. We saw Ryan Seacrest over the 4th in Carmel... (Well, my Ryan and Garrett's Tara spotted him. I was not so quick.)

  7. Definitely goes into the 2 am googling hall of fame.

  8. Lol at Jake Gyllenhaal looking like a mixture of Macauley (sp?) Culkin and Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

  9. this is definitely the best post of anything i've ever seen in my entire life ever.

  10. Seacrest kills me. Please make this kind of post a habit!


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