Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Fat July Recap


1. Family reunion! It was truly SO fun. I love my whole family so much:

2. Harry Potter midnight premiere! I give the movie an Okay. I wasn't overwhelmed with it...but I also wasn't really underwhelmed since it did have some sweet let's just say I was whelmed. 

We did have amazing costumes: Luna, Mrs. Norris, and Ariana Dumbledore (mine was a stretch. But I did carry around my lamb Beanie Baby all night...get it? Goats? Yeah.):

3. Bear Lake with the London besties! I guess I could call this a family reunion, too. This weekend was AMAZING, and Sara was SO nice to let us call her cabin home for a few days:

(Bear Lake continued) I love^100 these girls:

4. Night Ranger/Foreigner/Journey concert! It was amazing. I had serious Moments during these songs:

  • "Sister Christian" (obviously)
  • "Hot Blooded" 
  • "I Want to Know What Love Is" 
  • "Separate Ways" 
  • "Who's Crying Now" 
  • "Stone in Love"
  • "Any Way You Want It." 

Every song was great, but I was just feeling it during those. It was SO FUN!! Plus I got a totally bad-A tote bag

5. Alex's bachelorette party! We took the bride-to-be to Red Iguana for dinner, and then we went to the good ole Area 51 for some '80s dancing! I haven't been there in about two years, and I had forgotten how nuts it is. (Check out their website; it is HILARIOUS.)

The blushing bride:

Yeah...we looked amazing. I felt SO awesome in my outfit.

6. Alex and Jason's wedding! It was so beautiful! They looked beautiful! It was one of the happiest days EVER:

Well, that's my July 2011 experience in a nutshell. It was a really good month. Here's to hoping that August is almost as fun...


  1. so sad that I missed 3, 4, 5, & 6. SO SAD!!

  2. ugh. so mad i missed all of these things (especially the bachelorette party). Alex makes such a wonderful blushing bride. When I get back to provo we must watch pretty little liars together.


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