Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hit me baby one more time

Today I have been reflecting on the past.

My Childhood Celebrity Crushes

Lee Thompson Young
 Jett Jackson: making Zoog Disney steamy hot (and diverse!) between the years 1998 and 2001.

Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro (and then later in Spy Kids)
I saw Zorro when I was nine years old, and I loved it so much that I wrote about Señor Banderas in my journal. IN MY JOURNAL. Like a crazy person. 

Carlos from "The Magic School Bus"
 Carlos was the class clown whom everyone hated but, I'm assuming, secretly lusted because he was the cutest one there. Plus did you know that the guy who does his voice is in Mean Girls? He's the guy who says, "It only counts if you see nipple." That's only a lot bit depressing.

Eric Matthews from "Boy Meets World"
 He was ultra cute in the early seasons! He got fatter and funnier when they went to college (well, who doesn't? Har dee har har).

Derek Jeter
 I loooooooved Derek Jeter--I first noticed him during his Mariah Carey phase. He was/is super hot.

Devon Sawa in Little Giants
I think I have talked about this crush before, but he was so cute that it is worth another mention.

Yeah Yeah in Sandlot
Benny was the hottest, but I loved Yeah Yeah! He was precious and said hilarious crap all the time.

Three letters to describe this three-lettered little stud: D, U, and H

In case that wasn't clear, I was trying to say duh.

That dude from Motocrossed
He was very, very cute. Except why isn't there any kissing at the end?!?!?!

Thank you, '90s-era entertainment, for providing such cute boys for Little Jordyn to obsess over. Besides Antonio Banderas, who is in fact, a grown man.


  1. carlos was definitely the only hot one on that show, so naturally i had a crush on him as well.

  2. HAHAHA...oh i love you so much. i think we have similar taste in men, because i too had several of the same crushes.

  3. Jordyn, I personally made a point of finding your blog and now stalk it! Rumor was right.. your blog is awesome and hilarious.


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