Thursday, August 11, 2011

So THAT'S what LOL stands for

Yay! A London post! Why aren't the rest of us jumping any higher??

Tonight as I continued my task of packing up all of my crap, I found my 2008-2009 planner, which I bought at a Boots in London! Looking through it was a crazy little trip through time...there were things written in it such as:
  •  "Wild side of the Thames walk write-up due"
  • "one week till RDJ search"
  • "Day Trip to Oxford and Blenheim Palace" (which, of course, was the day Alex fell in the river, see below)
  • "kitchen crew starts :(" 
There were also some doodles of mermaids and mermen. (They're beautiful drawings, in case you are wondering.)

The best part of the planner, however, is the list of text abbreviations in the front of the book with all the helpful stuff, like conversion tables and calendars. This list has the usual acronyms, like ASAP and BRB, but here are some other ones that I really, really like:
  • AFAIC: as far as I am concerned
  • BHL8: be home late
  • CMIIW: correct me if I am wrong
  • HAND: have a nice day
  • LOL: lots of luck
  • PUKS: pick up kids
  • RINGL8: running late
  • RUCMNG: are you coming?
  • WUCIWUG: what you see is what you get
CMIIW, but these aren't really that common, right? But I guess WUCIWUG.

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