Thursday, September 15, 2011

Commence 17th grade


Things that are different since then:
  1. The Blogger Dashboard--but I can dig it. I just can't find some things sometimes. Like how to title a post? [edit: I found it]
  2. I now live on the third floor of my building instead of the first floor. I will always remember the freaking AWESOME times of that apartment with quite an eclectic and awesome mix of all know who you are. Seriously I really, really, really, really love almost all of you.
  3. My new roommates are my oldest friends in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excessive punctuation NECESSARY. Every day is the BEST. Carly and I have wands* and duel* (but never using Sectumsempra. Or A.K., obviously) on a regular basis, and Tabby and I are perfecting every song from her Backstreet Boys Millenium sheet music*. And here are the three of us on the pioneer trek in high school.
4. I am in my last semester of classes**! It is insane in the membrane. I wish I'd had a blog when I was a freshman that I could link you to...oh well, I will just tell you what that blog would've said.

September 2007: OH EM GEE I AM IN COLLEGE I HAVE A DORM ROOM! I eat in the Cougareat everyday! I wonder if I will get fat! I watch "The Office" a LOT!
October 2007: OH EM GEE my new friends are SOOOOOOO COOOOOUUUUUUULLLLLLL! We are going to be figure skaters for Halloween! I bet we won't look slutty! [sidenote: we did]
November 2007: HOLY CRAP I have been here for two months already! I know everything there is to know about college! I am wise! Except I haven't been to my Geology 101 class in a week! I love Snickers ice cream bars from the dorm vending machines!
December 2007: I have bad grades. But I'm having FUN!

That's basically my first college semester in a nutshell. I think I've matured a little bit...I mean, I did just start watching "Mad Men"**...but I also still have legitimate trouble finding the MARB*, so I'm pretty sure I actually am the same person. (Not that I will ever need to go to the MARB ever, ever again)

5. I get to read young adult books ALL SEMESTER LONG since I'm taking Young Adult Literature aka English 420*. It is the BEST, since those are typically the only books I want to read anyways*.

Yes, things are pretty good. Oh, and I added up all the *kid and **adult things in these, and the kid things won by a freaking landslide with a score of 6 to 2.


  1. I love everything about this post! It made me laugh so much and I could just hear your voice through the words!

  2. blog more, jordyn. also i think you need some final posts on "the world is our campus" blog. it's your last semester to truly appreciate all the peculiar people at byu.

  3. hahahahaha I have missed your posts. This is just great. I always laugh so much


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