Saturday, October 29, 2011

How what should've been a crappy week turned into an awesome one

This morning I wrote a research paper. Every single night this week, I told myself, "Okay. Tonight is the night. You are pulling an all-nighter and writing this paper," but in the grand tradition of Academic Jordyn, it got written on the last possible day. Here are the things I did this week instead of writing:
  • Went to an awesome concert in Salt Lake with Candace: Lady Danville, Lenka, and my high school fave Jack's Mannequin. It was SO FUN, especially when Jack's Mannequin partied like it was 2006 with the old hits "The Mixed Tape," "Bruised," and "Dark Blue". They even busted out some Something Corporate with "Me and the Moon"...I was freaking out.

    I would've loved to hear "Hurricane"...but I'm not complaining.

     Not to mention that I left the concert with a new favorite band, Lady Danville. They were a little bit mind-blowing, especially because they sounded amazing live. Love them.
    Me with the cute boys of Lady Danville
    Candace and me, completely psyched
  • Played Dreamphone until 4 AM with Sarah just because. It was rather epic, and I have zero regrets.
  • Watched Hocus Pocus
  • Talked for approximately 20 hours about dating/boys/kissing/the like with the rest of the One Club, aka the coolest girls most people know
  • Practiced the "Party Rock Anthem" dance moves
  • Learned the chords for "Breaking Free" on the guitar
  • Played just about every ward directory game you could ever invent
  • Bought a crimping iron for my Halloween costume
  • Hung out with my mom, who is in town :)
Pretty big week, I'd say. 


  1. i love that this title of the post is exactly how i felt about last week. awesome concert pics. you should date one of the band guys. also, way to represent. one club one club!


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