Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Throw some glitter make it rain

Adult Things as of Late
  1. Had a surprisingly effective study group last night for our lit theory midterm
  2. Last week I made a Power Point
  3. Updated my resume and wrote a totally bangin' cover letter (or at least I hope it was bangin'. We shall see)
  4. On the Kid Things list below, I offer to share my Twix bars
  5. My friend Annie had an adorable baby a little bit ago (if I have friends doing adult things, I am obviously an adult by association. It is science)
Kid Things
  1. Staying up late to watch pranks on youtube
  2. Spongebob macaroni and cheese for dinner
  3. Purse currently full of a 50-pack of Crayola markers and Twix bars (come find me if you want one; I will share)
  4. Lately I've been listening mostly to "Blow" by Ke$ha and "Somebody to Love" by J-Biebs
  5. Today's makeup is yesterday's makeup
  6. Bought a bouncy ball for fiddy cents at the grocery store
KIDS WIN! So now listen to this:


  1. I pack leftover halloween candy to eat on my bus ride to work. my favorite, as of late: tropical chewy lemonheads & friends (friends being mr. lemonheads tropical fruity friends, i guess. yeah, i'm an adult.

  2. HAHAH...I can just see your face when you bought the bouncy ball. ...bahahhahha...I might laugh about it all day long. (kid -> here.) Uh - and I so want a twix. But I'm going to be all strong and stuff and not come get one. But just know I'm exercising huge amounts of self-control and am uber impressed by myself. That's all, I think.


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