Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Max, help me! I'm...feeling!"

CHRISTMAS BREAK! I love it. I love it the most. I've been home for five days, and I've taken only two showers. I have napped, I have Netflix'd, I have e-interacted with hot celebrities, I have read for pleasure, I have been surrounded constantly by family and best friends. It's the best.

And now my siblings and I are watching Christmas movies in our PJ's, wearing some new slippers, while there is quite literally a winter wonderland forming outside, and I'm asking that seasonal question: how does Taylor Momsen go from


to this?


  1. I just need to tell you that I love your blog SO MUCH! Really. Your posts are so hilarious and I always learn something about celebrities that I never knew before and it's always interesting and cool. And Scott responding to your tweet is pretty awesome!

  2. THAT IS NOT HER! How did I not put that together this whole time??

  3. I don't believe that..I just got up from the couch watching her sing her little heart out to "where are you christmas..." Now she looks like she could EAT my little heart out!?

  4. 1. twitter win.
    2. we watched the grinch yesterday and i wowed my family by telling them this fact about cute little cindy lou who. it blows my mind.
    3. happy christmas break. it is seriously the best.

  5. GAH. I can't even begin to verbalize how much I hate her makeup in that last picture.


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