Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hunger Games Limericks

I like to write limericks.

I once knew a tribute named Katniss
Whose mood I will describe as pure piss
She's so mean to Peeta
Who couldn't be sweet-ah
Girl, take that stick out of your anus.

Finnick is in Catching Fire
Of looking at him no one tires
Suzanne wrote him well
He's hotter than hell
I wonder which actor they'll hire.

Primrose oh isn't she darling
Except that she sounds super boring
She milks that dumb goat
On her Katniss dotes
And that's the extent of her being.

Gale, I regard you so highly
In the previews you seem pretty smiley
You have real thick hair
I can't help but stare
But you're dumb to be macking on Miley.


  1. genius. you are a master wordcraftersmith.

  2. HA!!! i wish i could write an adequate limerick about you and your genius.

  3. these are the best things i've ever read. you are a genius!

  4. i'm in the middle of the library on campus dying of laughter. bravo jc!

  5. I'm a friend of Sam Robinson's (whose blog contains a link to yours), and no, you don't me, but yes, I read your blog regularly and it is quite entertaining. I think this is my favorite post yet. :D Sam and I used to write limericks to each other all the time in our notes to each other in high school. K, I'll stop writing this super long comment now, especially since you don't know me and already probably think I'm creepy. :D


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