Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Ultra-Special Oscar Reactions


First of all, I've decided that my favorite dress of the evening was Ellie Kemper's. I love the colors--sort of an autumn harvest firework sequin explosion. Love it. I also loved Octavia Spencer's dress, and once Gwyneth got rid of that cape thing, I liked hers, too.

"Hi I'm Ellie Kemper, and doesn't my dress make you want to drink cider from a fancy goblet?"

Another highlight was, of course, Robert Downey Jr., who always steals the whole show with his presentations and his hotness. Seriously, do the world a favor and hire him and Jude as hosts.

I would've been happy watching only that camera angle for the duration of the Oscar broadcast. Just saying

Next highlight: Tom Cruise! He looked amazing! He WORE that navy blue suit. Our Oscar-watching posse was speechless for a second, and then we couldn't shut up about him. Dang.

"Hi I'm Tom Cruise, and MI:4 was awesome and EVERYONE KNOWS IT."

Bonus: I thought that I spied Pharrell in that weirdo music balcony, and whilst perusing Entertainment Weekly's red carpet recap, I came across this little snapshot. Lookin good, Pharrell.

"Hi I'm Pharrell; I get invited to everything because I'm a Bad A"

Well, now I need to go Redbox The Artist! And Hugo.


  1. i definitely want the rdj cam on. always.

  2. is THIS why you weren't at the london get-together??? hmmmmmm???

  3. ahhh i forgot that she had the best dress. you're right. she looks like autumn cheer.


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