Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You were Peeta Mellark, I was a scarlet letter...

(BTW: this is possibly the most badly formatted post to ever exist on the internet. Whatever.)

My Peeta obsession continues! All I can say is that Robert Downey Jr. is lucky that there's an Avengers preview before Hunger Games, otherwise Josh Hutcherson may give him some competish for my number one spot*.

Anyways, I saw this video today and was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
I just love that they're aware of how lame Prim is, too. She is B O R I N G (although I really did like her in the movie)

Also, check out this hot pic of J-Lawr. I'm obsessed with her, too

*Ha! Yeah right.

Tom and Katie: Tale as Old as Time

First things first: here is my new haircut. It may look like all my hair is sneakily tucked into my shirt, but no, that is actually where it stops! It is a big change, and I'm pretty psyched about it--even though for the first time in my whole life, I felt some haircut remorse right after I left the salon.

"Hi I'm in the bathroom at work"

In other news, today I became obsessed with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I have always thought of them as weird, but today I learned that they are actually the cutest couple ever.

This picture below is adorable--look at the way he's looking at her as she wipes something off his face!

"Hi I'm Kobe Bryant and I'm out of focus because love is what is really important in this mad, mad world"

And now look at how he's looking at her! She's not even doing a cool thing--she's just sitting there. And he's looking at her like she's doing something awesome, like moonwalking or freestyle rapping. Just because he is in looooooove

And now she's looking at him like that. There are a million pictures of each of them taking turns being the one with an adoring look on his or her face.
And here they just look generally blissful and cute.

This is my favorite one--they are legit cracking UP. She looks nuts, which is how one typically looks when you are truly busting a gut over a hilarious joke. And he is laughing seriously hard, too. They are having a lot of fun and they are attractive and in love. Yay!

Seriously, I woke up in a Very Bad Mood, and a combination of Tom&Katie and Mat Kearney songs successfully cheered me up.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Katniss can have Gale because Peeta is officially Mr. Jordyn Canady

Hunger Games absolutely rocked! It is seriously the best film adaptation of a Young Adult book since Holes, in my opinion. I intend to see it again tomorrow.

I am really proud of the shirt I made. Especially because Peeta was so freaking hot. Yes I know he was born in 1992. Four years after me. But age ain't nothin but a number, so they say.

I drew a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet mockingjay tattoo--freehand, might I add--and let's all just admit that it is one of my proudest moments. (Except for when I sprayed perfume on my wrist right after drawing it, and it got all smeary.)

Candace and Kim's shirts ROCKED. If you could see them up close, you would freak out.

Most of the group! We love midnight premieres--particularly when the movie is totally boss.

In other news, I chopped 7 inches off my hair today. It does not look the way it does in these pictures anymore! At all! Pictures later.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I can't (and WON'T) shut up about Demi Lovato

The night has finally come! Here is how I've prepared for tonight's midnight premiere of The Hunger Games:

  • I listened to the movie soundtrack all day, only breaking it up with a few listens of Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart a Break," which I just found out was written by the same guy (Billy Steinberg) who wrote Madonna's "Like a Virgin," the Bangles' "Eternal Flame," and Heart's "Alone". Blows my mind
  • Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato on Grooveshark
  • Last weekend I made a sweet Peeta t-shirt
  • CAFFEINE (both for tonight and for tomorrow morning because work is going to be a total beyotch)
  • Just finished reading Catching Fire
  • Painted my nails in what I consider a Hunger Games-y manner (yes, that is the District 9 copper polish)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Does my secret crush have all of his limbs?"

Today I found a Wu-Tang Clan name generator (inspired by Donald Glover, who got his rap name Childish Gambino from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator) online. Here are my family members' new names:

Dad: Dynamic Hunter
Mom: B-loved Mastermind
Me: Foolish Warrior
Erin: Wacko Mastermind
Austin: Master Destroyer
Tricia: Phantom Watcher

Who doesn't love a good name generator?

In other news, I just bought the Hunger Games soundtrack and it rocks.

And my awesome, hilarious friend Alison showed me this video, which combines my love of Hunger Games and Dreamphone. Alison, I am seriously obsessed with this. I am forever in your debt and all that because it is so funny, and it has brought me tons of joy.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just some things

Adult Things I've Done Lately

  • I have a full time job
  • I am in bed by midnight* and out of bed by 8 AM. It is a major, major lifestyle change, and I am exhausted most of the time.
  • My Mad Men obsession is back with a vengeance, since Kylie and I must watch 2.5 episodes a day until the premiere on March 25.
Kid Things
  • Loving Selena Gomez station on Pandora. Yesterday they played the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song, Miley's "Party in the USA", and Taylor's "Love Story"--all in a row.
  • I got some bright new blue nail polish that is probably best described as electric Cookie Monster.
  • So I research and write about health products at my new job--skin creams, weight loss pills, testosterone supplements, etc. Yesterday I had to look up one called "Fat Stripper," and I basically fell out of my chair laughing. The pictures that came up on that Google search were most unsavory.
A tie. Which is appropriate because Kid Jordyn and Adult Jordyn are in constant conflict anyway.

I am currently one episode away from being done with Freaks and Geeks. I will be very sad when I'm finished; this is a really, really awesome show. Everyone should watch it; all the episodes are on Youtube. I may have said that already.

One of my favorite things about it is the opening theme:

*Well I try, at least. You know how it goes.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yet another ratings-deprived TV show that was actually incredible

Today I wasn't feeling so well, so I watched a ton of Freaks and Geeks on Youtube. It was very enjoyable.

Here's a conversation that goes on between these three:

- "Is this what having a girlfriend's like? She's your best friend, and she's beautiful, and you can do and say anything in front of her?"
- "She's the kind of woman you could cut the cheese in front of."
- "Oh yeah, Bill; that's what love is."
- "It is! I mean, you couldn't be in love with someone you couldn't. Think about it."

Funny stuff. And true. And a fabulous show. I just wish it were on Netflix so I wouldn't have to watch every single episode in four parts.

Also Shia LaBeouf is in an episode, pre-Even Stevens, and it made my day.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor

Well the Hunger Games midnight premiere is a mere 16 days away, and I am almost completely prepared.

I am officially a citizen of Panem--District 9, to be exact. I'm a professional harvester. I hope I get carded sometime soon so that I can whip this out as proof of my age.

"Hi I'm Jordyn and I have a weakness for personalized toys! I truly have zero regrets about this."

I also bought the official District 9 nail polish, "Harvest Moon". (It looks way better on my toes than on my fingers, btw) I did the honors of labeling which colors belong to which districts.


Next thing on my to-do list is to hit up my friendly neighborhood Gen-X to get a t-shirt screen printed. I'm just waiting to come up with the perfect clever District 9/grains-relevant catchphrase. I am open to suggestions.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'll never stop loving lists

Mrs. Carly Backlund tagged me in this, and I love filling out questionnaires almost as much as I love her, so...

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter/facebook and tell them you've tagged them.

Me in 2008 in London, sad because Robert Downey Jr. was in the same city as me and I couldn't find him

    11 random things
    1. I just watched the Lindsay Lohan-hosted SNL sketch "The Real Housewives of Disney," and it was surprisingly hilarious.
    1. I spent a lot of time today trying to think of a clever phrase to put on a District 9 t-shirt for the Hunger Games premiere. Best so far: mo' grains, mo' problems (yeah it's pretty bad. But it might be what I'm stuck with.)
    1. I own 72 bottles of nail polish.
    1. The last three iTunes gift cards I've gotten have resulted in the purchase of at least three Taylor Swift songs each.
    2. Last week I taught myself the guitar chords to "Genie in a Bottle"
    3. I have recurring dreams about puppies
    1. I am extremely excited about the "Women Tell All" episode of The Bachelor tomorrow
    1. This weekend I was reminded that cabins are the best types of houses
    1. The March picture in my pug puppies calendar is even cuter than the February one
    2. I recently decided that I only want to grocery shop at Winco
    3. Earlier this week, I lied when I said that I hadn't already picked out my wedding song

    11 Carly questions
    1. Beach or mountains? Beach. But this is a very hard question.
    1. If you could be a character in any movie or book, who would you choose? Lately Sim the gypsy from Sherlock Holmes 2...she always looks/dresses awesome and can fight and be awesome all the time.
    1. Would you rather cartwheel everywhere for the rest of your life or speak only in limericks the rest of your life? Limericks! Definitely. I enjoy a mental challenge rather than a physical one.
    1. Do you follow a daily routine or are you sporadic in your day to day life? As of starting my new job last week, I follow a daily routine. It is way refreshing to feel like an adult again.
    1. What's your favorite place in the world? Either the BYU London Centre circa 2008, or Disneyland. It's like happiness overload in both places
    1. If time, money, or location didn't matter, what would you eat right now? Chipotle veggie burrito. And a Diet Dr. Pepper.
    1. It's your day off. What's the first thing you're going to do? Honestly, the first thing I would do would be to treat myself to a mid-morning Netflix binge in my pj's.
    1. What does the last text you received say? It's from my sister Erin, and it says "Haha very true!" (We were discussing the fact that her assignment to District 11 is at least better than if it were District 12.)
    1. What's a weird quirk you have? I don't like french toast. Like at all.
    2. What was the last song that was stuck in your head? "Somebody that I Used to Know" by Gotye. I just barely found about this song and can't. stop. listening. It is so good.  Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye on Grooveshark
    1. Where do you want to road trip next? Mmm I'm craving Yellowstone. Or, as always, Disneyland.

    11 new questions
    1. What song on your iPod is the most embarrassing when it comes up on shuffle in public?
    2. Who is number two on your celebrity crush list?
    3. If you were a Jedi, what color would your lightsaber be?
    4. If you had one, what color was your retainer?
    5. What is your favorite comic strip in the Sunday comics?
    6. Of what skill of yours are you the most proud?
    7. What is your go-to song when you're feeling angsty and depressed?
    8. When you were in middle school, which piece of clothing was your pride and joy?
    9. Would you rather be Hallie or Annie from the Lindsay Lohan The Parent Trap?
    10. You are getting a new car and the only model you can get is a VW Beetle. You can get any color. What color do you choose?
    11. What (secular) book has had the biggest impact on you?

    I tag:

    Ahlin Griffith

    In other news, do yourself a favor and read this rad post. Uplifting moment of the day! (I was thinking a lot about The Hunger Games during Stake Conference and was mildly distracted.)