Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tom and Katie: Tale as Old as Time

First things first: here is my new haircut. It may look like all my hair is sneakily tucked into my shirt, but no, that is actually where it stops! It is a big change, and I'm pretty psyched about it--even though for the first time in my whole life, I felt some haircut remorse right after I left the salon.

"Hi I'm in the bathroom at work"

In other news, today I became obsessed with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I have always thought of them as weird, but today I learned that they are actually the cutest couple ever.

This picture below is adorable--look at the way he's looking at her as she wipes something off his face!

"Hi I'm Kobe Bryant and I'm out of focus because love is what is really important in this mad, mad world"

And now look at how he's looking at her! She's not even doing a cool thing--she's just sitting there. And he's looking at her like she's doing something awesome, like moonwalking or freestyle rapping. Just because he is in looooooove

And now she's looking at him like that. There are a million pictures of each of them taking turns being the one with an adoring look on his or her face.
And here they just look generally blissful and cute.

This is my favorite one--they are legit cracking UP. She looks nuts, which is how one typically looks when you are truly busting a gut over a hilarious joke. And he is laughing seriously hard, too. They are having a lot of fun and they are attractive and in love. Yay!

Seriously, I woke up in a Very Bad Mood, and a combination of Tom&Katie and Mat Kearney songs successfully cheered me up.


  1. your hair is very cute. and i'm in love with tom. it's recent.

  2. i love these cute pics! your hair included!

  3. your hair is cuuuuuute. i admire people who have more courage than I do to try new things with their hair. I have had the same haiistyle since 5th grade. and you have convinced me that tom and katie ARE cute. wasn't really convinced before.

  4. oh my gosh. now tom and katie are my favorite couple! i love how real they are. it's adorable.

  5. I'm a little sad I saw your hair via blog before I saw it in person. Oh, well. Also this post has changed my tune about TomKat. El Gallo tomorrow!


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