Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yet another ratings-deprived TV show that was actually incredible

Today I wasn't feeling so well, so I watched a ton of Freaks and Geeks on Youtube. It was very enjoyable.

Here's a conversation that goes on between these three:

- "Is this what having a girlfriend's like? She's your best friend, and she's beautiful, and you can do and say anything in front of her?"
- "She's the kind of woman you could cut the cheese in front of."
- "Oh yeah, Bill; that's what love is."
- "It is! I mean, you couldn't be in love with someone you couldn't. Think about it."

Funny stuff. And true. And a fabulous show. I just wish it were on Netflix so I wouldn't have to watch every single episode in four parts.

Also Shia LaBeouf is in an episode, pre-Even Stevens, and it made my day.

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