Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summarizing my college experience

Day 1 of college graduation is today! It is pure craziness. I don't really know how to describe it.

Last night I made a list of things I can scratch off of a college bucket list--well, if I had made a college bucket list. This is a list of things I accomplished.

- became a temporary and not-very-widespread web celebrity with Alex, thanks to this blog
- formed a scooter/longboard/bike gang
- lived with my absolute best friends of all time
- lived with total strangers--mostly this ended awesomely, others it ended more mediocre-ly :)
- endured completely insane roommates
- so many henna tattoos
- so many midnight premieres
- kissing
- so many amazing concerts
- not one but two road trips to Moab
- dyed my hair a trillion times
- became a temporary vegetarian
- worked an on-campus job for TWO YEARS and came out with not only lifelong friends but also a healthy skepticism of the human race
- got some A's
- got some C-'s
- got mostly B's
- took a class with my awesome sister :)
- joined millions of other BYU girls and fell in love with a certain TA who is now gay
- wrote a snarky article for a snarky, unnamed student journal that has since gone clinically insane
- revamped my personal style following the aforementioned study abroad
- was a bridesmaid in 2 best friends' weddings
- lived without a car for three years
- drove a Vespa; subsequently looked like a total bad-a
- performed in talent shows--in one I even actually played guitar! (BBMak's "Back Here")
- was Relief Society pres
- so many all-nighters finishing papers
- was the recipient of the best surprise party known to man

I think there are probably more things, but that was the list I made last night. I LOVE COLLEGE SO MUCH and I am going to miss it! But the fun has only begun, right? ...right? Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

PS: Have you all signed up for Pottermore yet?!?!?! It is AMAZING. I was sorted into Slytherin, and I'm kind of obsessed with it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wildcats everywhere throw your hands up in the air

Over the last few weeks, I have been engaged in making an extremely difficult decision: what are the top five High School Musical songs? Today, I finally narrowed it down. I am relatively confident in my list, but let me tell you, this was extremely hard.

5. "Gotta Go My Own Way" from HSM2

I love this one because not only was it Baby V's very first solo song that was actually good (later, when I inevitably make a list of the 5 worst songs from HSM, the number one slot will definitely go to "When There was Me and You". It is so so so boring and dumb.), but also it is one of the few HSM songs that has lyrics you can apply to real life. Most songs are either about basketball or Sharpay. Plus who doesn't love Zac's cameo? "What about US?!?!?!"

4. "What I've Been Looking For" (the fast one) from HSM1

This song rocks because it is fun, has easy-to-sing-along-with harmonies, and because it is a total classic. Plain and simple.

3. "Can I Have This Dance" from HSM3

I feel like this one has grown on me; I didn't used to be so obsessed with it, but as I was listening to all of the songs while I made my decision, I kept loving this one. It's a slow jam but not too slow, the words are freakin CUTE, and I love the duet's harmonies. Also, I dare you to try not to feel all warm and fuzzy imagining that Zac is singing it to you. IMPOSSIBLE.

2. "I Want it All" from HSM3

Okay this one is just one of the best. Ryan is the best singer in the whole franchise--and for some reason they always stick him with the dumbest songs like that stupid baseball one! Come on!--and he does a lot of cool stuff in this song. I just really like this one, and so whatever, don't argue.

1. "Breaking Free" from HSM1

"Breaking Free" is clearly the best song out of all of them. Classic and, dare I say it, inspiring, you just can't go wrong with an epic duet--even if Zac is only actually singing for the first 4 or so measures. I hate to say it, but maybe it's technically more amazing since it's that other Another Cinderella Story guy singing? I know, I know, but there it is.

So there you have it; the things about which I've been thinking intensely lately. Did I mention that I'm graduating from college in 8 days?

Friday, April 6, 2012

'90s on the brain

Tonight we are having a major '90s-themed dance party in our underground parking lot--everyone should come! We made the best playlist ever. Three words: Sorry Ms. Jackson. One more word: Tubthumping.

Anyway, I was just looking around the internet and what did I see? Jonathan Lipnicki! Remember him and his little bunny face? And his huge glasses?? So dang cute!

And now he is apparently desperate to lose his sweetheart image.

                <--And I guess he's Jewish

I have a love/hate relationship with the degeneration of child stars.

In other '90s child star news, have you seen Hanson lately?! Mallory showed me this music video yesterday, and I was overcome with joy and attraction. Zac was always my fave, but all three of them are looking spectacular.

Very random; who cares!

I may not have blogged for Robert Downey Jr's birthday on Wednesday, but that doesn't mean that I didn't make a bookmark out of a picture of him which I cut out of my latest Entertainment Weekly.


In other news, here are my latest fingernail experiments, one is an improvement on an old favorite, and one is a new experiment.

OLD FAVORITE: '80s manicure, also known as The Lisa Frank. This time I just went for it and did complete rainbows on every nail rather than do three colors per nail. I was pleased with the outcome.

NEW EXPERIMENT: All of my favorite greens under a matte top coat. (Which, as per Camille's request, are--from thumb to pinky--"Avocado" from Forever 21, China Glaze "For Audrey", Sally Hansen "Mint Sorbet", Essie "Navigate Her", and China Glaze "Groovy Green"! 


And the matte polish, as Michelle knows, is NYC brand "Matte Me Crazy" and cost $1.58, compared to the $18 OPI matte coat I bought that didn't even work that well! Although it does say that it is primarily a nail strengthener, so maybe it isn't supposed to be strictly a matte coat...but either way I am $18 out because of it.)

Don't these nails just seem oh so quirky?! How offbeat and yet so approachable!

Sorry I am up far too late right now; it's 3 am and I can't fall asleep. I don't really know what I'm saying anymore.