Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summarizing my college experience

Day 1 of college graduation is today! It is pure craziness. I don't really know how to describe it.

Last night I made a list of things I can scratch off of a college bucket list--well, if I had made a college bucket list. This is a list of things I accomplished.

- became a temporary and not-very-widespread web celebrity with Alex, thanks to this blog
- formed a scooter/longboard/bike gang
- lived with my absolute best friends of all time
- lived with total strangers--mostly this ended awesomely, others it ended more mediocre-ly :)
- endured completely insane roommates
- so many henna tattoos
- so many midnight premieres
- kissing
- so many amazing concerts
- not one but two road trips to Moab
- dyed my hair a trillion times
- became a temporary vegetarian
- worked an on-campus job for TWO YEARS and came out with not only lifelong friends but also a healthy skepticism of the human race
- got some A's
- got some C-'s
- got mostly B's
- took a class with my awesome sister :)
- joined millions of other BYU girls and fell in love with a certain TA who is now gay
- wrote a snarky article for a snarky, unnamed student journal that has since gone clinically insane
- revamped my personal style following the aforementioned study abroad
- was a bridesmaid in 2 best friends' weddings
- lived without a car for three years
- drove a Vespa; subsequently looked like a total bad-a
- performed in talent shows--in one I even actually played guitar! (BBMak's "Back Here")
- was Relief Society pres
- so many all-nighters finishing papers
- was the recipient of the best surprise party known to man

I think there are probably more things, but that was the list I made last night. I LOVE COLLEGE SO MUCH and I am going to miss it! But the fun has only begun, right? ...right? Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

PS: Have you all signed up for Pottermore yet?!?!?! It is AMAZING. I was sorted into Slytherin, and I'm kind of obsessed with it.

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  1. KISSING!!! so glad i got to experience that study abroad with you. so glad you gave me a ride on your vespa once, and i got to look like a bad-a for about 2 minutes. so glad you understand what it is like to not live with a car in college, cuz i did it for 5 years!!!


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