Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wildcats everywhere throw your hands up in the air

Over the last few weeks, I have been engaged in making an extremely difficult decision: what are the top five High School Musical songs? Today, I finally narrowed it down. I am relatively confident in my list, but let me tell you, this was extremely hard.

5. "Gotta Go My Own Way" from HSM2

I love this one because not only was it Baby V's very first solo song that was actually good (later, when I inevitably make a list of the 5 worst songs from HSM, the number one slot will definitely go to "When There was Me and You". It is so so so boring and dumb.), but also it is one of the few HSM songs that has lyrics you can apply to real life. Most songs are either about basketball or Sharpay. Plus who doesn't love Zac's cameo? "What about US?!?!?!"

4. "What I've Been Looking For" (the fast one) from HSM1

This song rocks because it is fun, has easy-to-sing-along-with harmonies, and because it is a total classic. Plain and simple.

3. "Can I Have This Dance" from HSM3

I feel like this one has grown on me; I didn't used to be so obsessed with it, but as I was listening to all of the songs while I made my decision, I kept loving this one. It's a slow jam but not too slow, the words are freakin CUTE, and I love the duet's harmonies. Also, I dare you to try not to feel all warm and fuzzy imagining that Zac is singing it to you. IMPOSSIBLE.

2. "I Want it All" from HSM3

Okay this one is just one of the best. Ryan is the best singer in the whole franchise--and for some reason they always stick him with the dumbest songs like that stupid baseball one! Come on!--and he does a lot of cool stuff in this song. I just really like this one, and so whatever, don't argue.

1. "Breaking Free" from HSM1

"Breaking Free" is clearly the best song out of all of them. Classic and, dare I say it, inspiring, you just can't go wrong with an epic duet--even if Zac is only actually singing for the first 4 or so measures. I hate to say it, but maybe it's technically more amazing since it's that other Another Cinderella Story guy singing? I know, I know, but there it is.

So there you have it; the things about which I've been thinking intensely lately. Did I mention that I'm graduating from college in 8 days?


  1. I actually kind of like "You Are the Music in Me"

  2. and i'm going to vote for "the boys are back" from hsm3, but your list is pretty perfect, actually. ah, i think i will listen to the soundtrack on my way to work tomorrow.

  3. this seriously made my day. HSM is one of my all time faves. And i'm pretty sure making my own top 5 would be a very difficult decision. And we'd probably have a lot of overlap.


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