Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sometimes titles are hard

Here are the things I'm thinking about these days:
  • How much I loved MIB 3, NOT KIDDING. This movie was way good and hilarious. Will Smith? Duh. Bill Hader as Andy Warhol? Rocked. Surprise visit from Will Arnett? Uh YEAH THAT HAPPENED.

    And Josh Brolin knocked it out of the proverbial park. Job well done, gang!
  • I finally burned a Taylor Swift megamix for my car CD player, and everyone who has received a ride from me in the last week can attest that it is AWESOME.
  • I bought all of the seasons of Friday Night Lights on DVD ($16 each at Shopko! Have you ever heard of such a thing?), and so I am once again twitterpated at the thought of Tim Riggins but I especially save a spot of my heart for Matt Saracen. I am convinced that they do not make boys like him in real life.

    Hi I'm Matt Saracen and could I BE any cuter? Doubtful
  • Um next week is the Greg Laswell concert with one of my all time favorite roommates of the past, Candace aka "Sandwich," a nickname that is explained by a long story that people besides us rarely find amusing. So I'll spare you.

    Greg is the best; we've already seen him twice and both times were amazing. I'm torn because I don't want there to be a bunch of posers there...but I want him to be really whatever. I'm dumb.
  • Ever since I went to the Miranda Sings concert a few weeks ago, I can't shake this obsession with fondness for her. I watched these two videos the other day and I was laughing sooo hard.

    Colleen Ballinger is a genius. You go girl!
In other news, the latest General Conference issue of the Ensign is blowing me away. I love it!!


  1. what?! there's a MIB 3? seriously? how did i not know about this?!

  2. Dear jordyn,
    I left a comment on this yesterday but it's not showing up? I dunno what is going on. But basically I was just catching up on all your blogs cause I never get on anymore and basically I just love them because you are hilarious and clever. So that is all. I hope this one works and I'm not leaving a double comment. Haha.


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