Thursday, July 19, 2012

A big post full of joy and amazement!

Wow okay so there are about one million things floating around in my brain.

FIRST: last week was one of the most insane weeks I've ever had, but it was also one of the most fun ones of all time. If you are more of a skimmer, I will bold the important key phrases so you will get the gist.

  • My little brother was in town for track camp, so we got to see him a lot, and it was awesome!
  • The Demi Lovato concert was seriously incredible. She is so crazy talented, and I knew this going in, obvs, or else we would not have gone...but dude. BLOWN AWAY.

    Plus she is so so inspirational--not just because of all the hell she has gone through, but also because she was once a pretty awkward little girl on Barney, and now she's a total hottie.

Oh, are you wondering who the artist of these beautiful captions was? IT WAS ME
  • Then the very next day, we (meaning Erin, Tabby, Kylie, Rachel, and I) piled into a car and drove to Colorado, where we played and played and played with my favorite family ever (mine) in the mountains.
Colorado, ladies and gentlemen
  • THEN Kylie, Rachel, and I went to see Ingrid Michaelson play at Red Rocks Amphitheater, which was basically life-changing, I'd say. She is KILLER live, not to mention hilarious and adorable.

This list doesn't even include the other crazy things that filled in the blanks, like two drives to the airport, one amazing session of tie-dye, and a viewing of Spiderman, which you know I really really really liked.

I have a couple million other thoughts flying around in my head, though, too, like how I'm going to Costa Rica next week with my mom and dad and CAN'T WAIT...although I fear it may rain the entire time. But I'm not going to think about that.

Also, changes are abounding, since next month I'll be moving for the first time in three whole years...I can't wait for it! But also I have also won the award for Girl Who Deals Worst With Change 23 years running, so I smell a freak out coming on, you know?

Another thing is that I was seriously going to get up early and go jogging before work this morning, which is really not my instinct, but instead of waking up when my alarm went off, I had a dream that I had to go to a meeting with my old Creative Writing professor. 

And even while I was dreaming, I was like, "Dang, if I have this meeting, I won't have time to go jogging!" and it felt so weird when I woke up. But then I was like, "Hey, crap!!"

Long story short, I did not go jogging this morning, and I felt like a failure. Even though it was my professor's fault!

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  1. Every time I read one of your posts, I feel like i have a million things I want to respond to. First off, WHERE ARE YOU MOVING?! You're staying in Provo, right?

    Secondly, Jacob and I went to Costa Rica mid-august last year. And it DID rain almost every day. But it was, like, really nice afternoon sprinkles, ya know? Nothin too crazy. I would recommend that you get out early, go to the beach, eat good food, zipline through the jungle, etc. And then go back to your hotel around 2pm and take a little afternoon nap while it's rainy. Then go back out for dinner or whatever you wanna do. The rain definitely didn't keep us from having fun, so don't worry!

    And thirdly, the fact that you dreamed yourself out of jogging is HILARIOUS. I'm trying to go running more these days. I get very ambitious about it. And then after running about 50 ft, I literally feel like I'm DYING. I dont know why my body has adapted some of your subconscious methods for getting out of it. Genius.


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