Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A panic attack and Costa Rica pictures

[From an email I sent myself today from work]

All of a sudden I am expected to be an adult.
  • How the heck does health insurance even work? Do you know how stupid I feel when I don't even know how to ask my boss the questions I have? My only question would be, "What in the world are you talking about"
  • How to buy a bed. I need to buy a bed. How. Internet? Ikea? Costco? I do not know anything. My parents are going to help me. I didn't realize that buying a bed would be so complicated. Earlier, out of stress, I went online to KSL.com and searched "bed". The results it yielded were mediocre.
  • How to go to the doctor when you are no longer under the jurisdiction of the university health center. What doctor? Where is one? Who am I?
I am terrified y'all. One second I'm watching/living/breathing the Olympics and loving my life, the next I am scared sh*tless and don't know to do a dang thing.

[and scene]

Despite a few panic attacks, I feel much better now. I mean, I bought some bins at Target! I am on a roll, maturity-wise!

Also, Costa Rica was AMAZING! It is so, so beautiful, and I had so much fun with my parents. I took over 200 pictures--using Coolpix, by the way!-- so I won't make you suffer through every single one, but here are some of my faves:

We ziplined through this canyon! The word "breathtaking" sounds super cliche, but it really did take the breath out of us. It was SO BEAUTIFUL!

I used this joke already on facebook, but no one responded to it, so I'll say it again: Dad overcame his fear of heights, and I overcame my fear of huge, clunky tennis shoes.

The most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. (Rincon de la Vieja National Park)

We saw baby monkeys!

Playa Conchal SO PRETTY

Seriously, this was one of the best vacations ever!


  1. Growing up is a bitch. But Dr. Richard Holmes in Provo is the man and a new patient appointment is quick and painless. I got my bed from KSL and it is great, look up twin/queen bed frame/mattress for better results. But most importantly, I laughed at your joke both times.

    Also, Costa Rica looks amazing! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Costa Rica looks so awesome! What a fun trip! I mean, zip-lining over that sort of scenery-- whoa!! And I really appreciated your confession to having a panic attack over growing up, not only was it hilarious to read but I totally understand what you mean, and I feel like the older I get I get panic attacks like that more and more. I hate health insurance so much! I was just thinking about how much I missed your posts, so I was so happy to see you had posted!

  3. adulthood freakouts equals my life. insurance, 401k, taxes... i don't understand any of it. i have a stack of papers i have yet to read. and i totally bought myself a bed too! i bought it from amazon and it is kind of amazing. i will totally send you the link if you want.

    girl. you are not alone. #panickersunite


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