Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I've decided to bring back the phrase "gag me"

WOW this past week has been completely insane!

First and foremost, I need to throw a shout-out to everyone who has helped me out this week. Seriously, I've had friends help me move my ridiculously huge amount of crap all across Provo, I've had friends let me use and abuse* their Costco privileges, and nearly everyone I know has given me some much-needed moral support. Even just over the internet--love has been felt, y'all!!

And with that, it is most definitely time for a Kid vs. Adult list because I think that Adult Jordyn might actually win this time!

  • Escorted my sister to Ikea, where I bought a dresser and a bookshelf and nothing fun
  • Put together said dresser successfully
  • Put together said bookshelf 97% successfully
  • Rented a gigantic truck from Home Depot
  • Went to Home Depot in the first place, GAG ME
  • Bought a new mattress AND box spring set
  • Trimmed my own bangs
  • Said "GAG ME" in the Adult List up there
  • Bought a chicken fingers kids meal at Ikea
ADULT VICTORY!! To celebrate, here is a picture of Erin, Austin and me in my most awkward year, 2001.

Part of this isn't my fault; the stupid Yellowstone wind ruined my perfect** bangs. Part of this is because of three little words: training, bra, and denial.

*I didn't actually abuse anything, I think. It just sounded kinda cool
**Matter of opinion

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