Thursday, August 23, 2012

"If your life had a face, I would punch it"

This video is my response to everything right now, including but not limited to

a.) unpacking all of my stuff
b.) mailing a big fatty check of 1.5 months' rent and deposit to my landlord
c.) washing my face
d.) going grocery shopping
e.) talking to cute boys
f.) getting up and going to work
g.) etc.

In other news, I used a crapload of Mod Podge on a project today. I give myself a B-, which is a disappointment because I was really hoping for an A.


  1. haha i like that movie. i can see myself using that clip in the near future.

  2. that vid is perfectly hilarious. and i totally agree with c and d. i get so fussy when i have to go grocery shopping, and washing my face? GAG ME.

  3. haha. i love that movie! great scene!


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