Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall 2012 Music Obsessions

So while I'm at work, I listen to my iPod all. day. long. Here's what I've been listening to non-stop the last month or so.

Holy CRAP. The great great Holli Robinson dragged my beloved roommate Lauren and me to the Kimbra concert in Salt Lake last week, and I have yet to get over how amazing it was. Oh my gosh. Holli, I am forever in your debt for introducing me to her! (FYI: Kimbra sings the girl part in Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know"--but her own songs are waaaaay different than that.) Oh my gosh.

Listen to this--and you have to listen to the entire thing! Homegirl goes NUTS at the end and it is spectacular. I was literally speechless when she performed this one live. My eyeballs and earholes felt like they were going to fall off of my face!!

The Killers
Brandon Flowers and the gang are coming to Orem (unprecedented, I know) with Tegan and Sara (SO EXCITED--Tegan and Sara helped me through some major freshman year of college angst!!) next month, and so to prepare I've immersed myself in the Killers' songs for a few weeks now. I've always known the famous ones, you know, "Mr. Brightside" and the one from Guitar Hero but have never really listened to them a ton.

Well, that has certainly changed--I listen to the song "Battle Born" like five times a day now. Seriously--when things get crappy, I literally think the words "Boy you was battle born" to myself. Except I say "girl" instead of "boy" because I am, in fact, a girl. And I feel invincible and victorious.

Over and over and over and over and over and over again

Obviously. This one's my fave out of all the released singles.

Red by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark

Fleetwood Mac
Oh baby yes. Faves right now are "Never Going Back Again," "Secondhand News," "Rhiannon"...I dunno I just can't believe I took so long to be obsessed with Fleetwood Mac, ya know?

Kenny Loggins
I listen to "Footloose" over and over and over again every single Friday. I don't let myself listen to it at all before the weekend because it makes me too sad that it isn't the weekend.

That's just a taste. They're all so GOOD!


  1. Fab taste! looove me some Fleetwood Mac

  2. Heck yes!! I love all of these! And regarding your "Kimbra debt" to me, don't worry jordyn--that one was free :)

    one of my favorite (and less-known) Fleetwood Mac songs is "silver springs." It's kind of Stevie's version of "go your own way." So much love-tension happening in that band! anyway. you gotta hear it. it's one of my favorite break-up songs from a female perspective. And there's a great cover on youtube by Stacy Dupree!

  3. ahhhh my killers love slash obsession is ever growing. i'm going to see them in vegas in december! and when i found out t & s were playing with them in europe i died of sadness that i couldn't go. then when i saw they added north american tours i was resurrected because of eternal happiness. so. excited.


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