Friday, October 26, 2012

"I know a boat you can get on..."


Anyway, fingernails:

1. I saw this braid design on this website and thought it looked awesome, and guess what it's freaking EASY. The top layers of polish cover up any mistakes made due to a hand spasm or whatever.

Plus, this pink is my new fave, and it's just Revlon! I got it at Walgreen's for like $3. It's called "Flirt," and it has definitely lived up to its name (HA OMG FUNNY JOKE!!!). 

(My hand says, "Call Dad")

2. My current nails--yesterday I was buying my usual top coat (which, btw, is Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat; try it and you'll never go back, I betcha), and they gave me a free nail art pen. I'm enjoying it.

Yes, both of these pictures were taken at work. Yes, I would rather be painting fingernails for a living than writing about diet pills and foolproof ways to boost your metabolism and trim your waistline.

BUT...PUERTO RICO!!! Here is the current extent of my knowledge on Puerto Rico:

Bernardo and Anita are so hot.


  1. HAVE FUN IN PUERTO RICO!!!! Your nails look amazing as usual, and that video was super entertaining. I guess i've never seen west side story??!? i better get on that.

  2. i had a freaking huge crush on bernardo when i saw this for the first time in elementary school. and your nails are always the coolest. i want to learn that braid design.


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