Thursday, November 29, 2012

I won't treat you like you're oh so typical

Concert tomorrow!! I'm so excited. Kylie and I each made amazing shirts at Gen-X today...somehow I never knew until now that they have neon screen shirt options. So this definitely happened:

Basically it's ... my most favorite thing in my life right now. Oh and um yes if you take a look at the left of the picture, you will see the mess that is my unpacked/disheveled Thanksgiving luggage...I'll pull it together pretty soon, I'm sure. ("It" being my life in general)

But yessss there are few things that fuel my adrenaline as much as a good concert does!

- amazing concerts
- roller coasters
- cute boys paying attention to me
- Robert Downey Jr. movies
- the moment right before I leave on a vacation
- when someone is unwrapping an awesome present I picked out for them

There are others I'm sure. But anyway yeah I'm extremely psyched to hear these songs tomorrow:

Plus word on the street* is that Brandon Flowers is still freakin hot, so okay.

*Google images

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

I wish I could go back in time and do last week all over again. We had so much fun just doing the usual vacation things: playing games, eating, watching movies/football/the Macy's parade/Psych, shopping, sister trip to Bead It...yeah it was so fun. I'm obsessed with my family.

Also we took our Christmas card picture! The one that made the final cut isn't any of these, so no spoilers here!

I wanted this one below to be the official Canady Family Christmas Card 2012 because I look skinny in it, but alas, I was outvoted.


Austin got sick of the paparazzi, but we three sisters wanted to keep going.

Not sure why this one didn't make the cut for this year's Christmas card

My parents yaaaaay :)

This is one of the best pictures ever taken #Tricia

Look at my cute brother and my cute dogs :)

This documentation of our senior pictures hangs in our dining room (Tricia, being a sophomore, does not yet have a senior picture). Yeesh I hated all of my senior pictures. But I saw current senior Austin's for the first time this trip, and I couldn't stop raving about it. MODEL STATUS

We also decorated the Christmas tree! Here's this little gem of an ornament from '97, which documents a major part of my life: correcting people trying to spell my name. Once a lady somehow assumed my name was spelled "Jordyn" instead of "Jordan," but it was really weird. I mean, I appreciated it, but come on--who would guess that on the first try?! What a psycho, amiright??

Some families have really beautiful Christmas trees that follow a specific theme and color scheme, and I love those. However, our tree is always a wonderful motley crew of completely random ornaments, both handmade by the preschool versions of ourselves and store-bought. And I LOVE IT

Every year we each pick out an ornament--typically one that represents that year for us. Wellll Target just so happens to carry a teensy Taylor Swift guitar ornament that plays "Sparks Fly," my all-time fave Taylor song. I had to get it. And come on 2012 was DEFINITELY the year of Taylor!

Remember when it was a normal thing to put tiny professionally-taken photographs onto key rings? Yeah I had forgotten until I found this on a random spare key. AND NOW IT'S MINE

Yeah I want to go back home immediately. At least Christmas is less than a month away!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Denver was THE BEST!!! It was almost too good; it was extremely hard to come back to Provo. I love hanging out with my family more than anything else. I'll post those pics soon.

I did see this video a few minutes ago, which made me happy. I've always been annoyed by Robert Pattinson, but I was totally, totally wrong to judge him. He's actually hilarious and completely aware of the  goofiness of the Twilight franchise (my favorite bit starts at about 1:43):

But I mean duh, I wouldn't expect anything less from a Triwizard Champion, obvs.

Monday, November 19, 2012

There's no place like Netflix for the holidays

I'm feeling extremely festive and Thanksgiving-y because of this little Wikipedia page:

I started with the Felicity season 1 Thanksgiving episode and am now scouring Netflix for as many as I can find. Best decision I ever made.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Two amazing lazy Saturdays in a row


Listening to this

and this

and this

and staring out the window at rain

and painting my nails

and my hair looks ridiculous

and only one eye has makeup on it

and I feel GREAT (even though my landlord cashed my rent check this morning, AAACK*), and Thanksgiving is next week, and I can't freakin wait!!

*Cathy. Have you seen this clip from ages ago?!?!?!?! I quote it so much I don't even remember it's a quote.

"Yeah you did."

Saturday, November 10, 2012

My spirit animal is a 7th grade fangirl

Things I'm Thinking on the Laziest Saturday Ever

Okay I know everyone is communicating in one form or another about the snow in Provo...but seriously, it is crazy and kind of amazing. I was leaving my friends' apartment last night at 2 am, and walking back to my car was ridiculous. I felt like I was on another planet, like Hoth or Christmastown in Nightmare Before Christmas. Also, I completely ATE IT while exiting the apartment--like BOOM all of a sudden lying there slammed on my butt, so welcome to winter to me.

Also, I love Pinterest again because I needed yet another social media outlet.

Oh, and I couldn't be happier about the Selena-Biebster break-up. Run, girl. Run as fast and as far as you can. Here are some acceptable new boyfriends for a foxy, classy young celebrity like yourself:
  • Tom Daley: If you're gonna go younger, choose a hot, British, Olympic medalist.
  • (Almost) any of the guys from Pretty Little Liars: Feast your eyes, Selena:

    - Noel Kahn is probably A, but he's very hot.

    - Caleb is my personal favorite. Funniest, most interesting guy on the show by far.

    - Mr. Fitz...well he is yes so hot. Also Aria is somewhat of a Selena doppelganger, dontcha know. (Oh and I learned how to upload gifs)
  • Josh Hutcherson: He is so hot, and if he has a girlfriend, this will hopefully help me end my inappropriate crush on him. Photobucket
Here are men/boys to stay away from:
  • Anyone from One Direction: this would just be more of the same. Aim higher!
  • John Mayer: Listen to your BFF Taylor's songs and just say no.
  • Russell Brand: Okay this will probably never happen, but I watched the Katy Perry movie, and Russell is the opposite of a class act. (PS: the Katy Perry movie was great and made me cry. I don't even consider myself a KP fan--except for "E.T." obviously)
  • Ryan Lochte: He's not ready for love.
  • Relapsing with JB: Please don't.
I'm just looking out for an old friend (one time--true story--I had a dream that Selena and I embarked on a shopping spree together, and she was really nice! So yeah I just want what's best for her.)

I should probably go interact with people in real life for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Puerto Rico Update

PUERTO RICO CANADY INSANITY DREAM VACATION! The only thing I would've changed is that Erin would've dropped out of school and come with us. Oh and that the trip could've lasted for two months instead of six days.

We flew in this tiny 10-person plane to the island Vieques. The plane ride was CRAZY and AWESOME! So fun.

Take a gander at these BEAUTIFUL BEACHES!!

I have attractive siblings

Waiting for the plane back to the main island and having a BALL

Four Canadys looking great in El Yunque rain forest

Yeah I made everyone listen to Red in the rental car, whatev! BEST WEEK EVER

Another thing that happened today is my favorite entertainment writer, Darren Franich, answered my question on his vyou channel (something I don't really understand but whatever). Watch it here:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dedicated to Ruby Rebecca Rosenthal

This morning I woke up two minutes before my alarm went off, and I legitimately didn't know what day it was. And then I thought, "Whoa it's SATURDAY! Right? Better go back to sleep." But then I saw on my alarm that it was the 6th, so I looked at my calendar on the wall and found out that it was Tuesday.

NOT AN EXCELLENT MOMENT. Plus right then my alarm went off.

But later I saw this comment on one of our testosterone supplement* websites at work:


And I don't know if this is actually funny, but I was laughing really, really hard when I read that. SURE COULD USE SOME

Oh and today I literally ate pixie stix for breakfast, so I'm just going to call today a Kid victory.

AND Puerto Rico was AMAZING!! Holy crap it was fun. I will put the pictures up soon!

*Yeah I know, right? How badly do you want to be me right now?