Thursday, November 29, 2012

I won't treat you like you're oh so typical

Concert tomorrow!! I'm so excited. Kylie and I each made amazing shirts at Gen-X today...somehow I never knew until now that they have neon screen shirt options. So this definitely happened:

Basically it's ... my most favorite thing in my life right now. Oh and um yes if you take a look at the left of the picture, you will see the mess that is my unpacked/disheveled Thanksgiving luggage...I'll pull it together pretty soon, I'm sure. ("It" being my life in general)

But yessss there are few things that fuel my adrenaline as much as a good concert does!

- amazing concerts
- roller coasters
- cute boys paying attention to me
- Robert Downey Jr. movies
- the moment right before I leave on a vacation
- when someone is unwrapping an awesome present I picked out for them

There are others I'm sure. But anyway yeah I'm extremely psyched to hear these songs tomorrow:

Plus word on the street* is that Brandon Flowers is still freakin hot, so okay.

*Google images


  1. BRANDON FLOWERS IS THE HANDSOMEST HUMAN. and i wish i could have gone to make shirts. yours is perfect. and i have been on the verge of throwing up all day because of excitement.

  2. AHHHHHHH I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED SLASH JEALOUS!!!!! brandon is my soul mate in every way possible and they are INCREDIBLE live. i am going in a month with my mom and sister in vegas. T & S are also amazing live. have sooooo much fun and please think of me when brandon sings mr brightside aka my favorite song of all time.

    ps LOVE the shirt. totes jeal of your t shirt making abilities.

  3. that shirt!! I wouldn't expect anything less awesome from you and Gen-X. have fuuuuun!


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