Saturday, November 10, 2012

My spirit animal is a 7th grade fangirl

Things I'm Thinking on the Laziest Saturday Ever

Okay I know everyone is communicating in one form or another about the snow in Provo...but seriously, it is crazy and kind of amazing. I was leaving my friends' apartment last night at 2 am, and walking back to my car was ridiculous. I felt like I was on another planet, like Hoth or Christmastown in Nightmare Before Christmas. Also, I completely ATE IT while exiting the apartment--like BOOM all of a sudden lying there slammed on my butt, so welcome to winter to me.

Also, I love Pinterest again because I needed yet another social media outlet.

Oh, and I couldn't be happier about the Selena-Biebster break-up. Run, girl. Run as fast and as far as you can. Here are some acceptable new boyfriends for a foxy, classy young celebrity like yourself:
  • Tom Daley: If you're gonna go younger, choose a hot, British, Olympic medalist.
  • (Almost) any of the guys from Pretty Little Liars: Feast your eyes, Selena:

    - Noel Kahn is probably A, but he's very hot.

    - Caleb is my personal favorite. Funniest, most interesting guy on the show by far.

    - Mr. Fitz...well he is yes so hot. Also Aria is somewhat of a Selena doppelganger, dontcha know. (Oh and I learned how to upload gifs)
  • Josh Hutcherson: He is so hot, and if he has a girlfriend, this will hopefully help me end my inappropriate crush on him. Photobucket
Here are men/boys to stay away from:
  • Anyone from One Direction: this would just be more of the same. Aim higher!
  • John Mayer: Listen to your BFF Taylor's songs and just say no.
  • Russell Brand: Okay this will probably never happen, but I watched the Katy Perry movie, and Russell is the opposite of a class act. (PS: the Katy Perry movie was great and made me cry. I don't even consider myself a KP fan--except for "E.T." obviously)
  • Ryan Lochte: He's not ready for love.
  • Relapsing with JB: Please don't.
I'm just looking out for an old friend (one time--true story--I had a dream that Selena and I embarked on a shopping spree together, and she was really nice! So yeah I just want what's best for her.)

I should probably go interact with people in real life for the rest of the day.


  1. that josh hutcherson gif.... i need it. i NEED it.

  2. i vote tom daley. they would be the cutest couple everrr.

  3. is j hutch not with v hudge anymore??? also i love this post and you. the end.


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